Alerts + Tips + Two-way Chat
Branded + Interactive Maps + Police Services
A two-way communication platform for community engagement.
MobilePD Connect was created to help public safety agencies better connect with your community. Send push notification alerts, receive real-time tips, and even start a secure two-way chat with citizens.
Send push notification alerts to your community
MobilePD Connect allows you to send real-time push notification alerts to users of your mobile app. They are category based and are the most effective way to disperse important information in the event of an emergency.
Receive real-time anonymous tips and reports
MobilePD's real-time reporting platform allows engaged citizens to submit category-based tips with photos, GPS, and text. Each category can be routed to a specific person or group inside your agency. The tipster can optionally be 100% anonymous.
Start a secure, two-way chat
MobilePD Connect allows you to reply to any incoming tips/reports, even if the tipster is anonymous. When you respond, a push notification will be sent to the tipster's phone, letting them know they have a message waiting inside the app.
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MobilePD Engage

MobilePD Engage takes the powerful features of MobilePD Connect and places them in a branded mobile app developed specifically for your agency. We then layer in interactive public engagement features such as crime maps, social media integrations, and important police services.
Built on top of MobilePD Connect
MobilePD Engage starts by taking the powerful features of MobilePD Connect (Alerts, Real-Time Tips, Two-way Chat) and places them in your own beautifully crafted mobile app, made specifically for your community.
Branded as your official app
MobilePD Engage is branded as your agency's official mobile app. MobilePD's in-house design team will work with your agency to make the app personalized to your brand. This ranges from the app name all the way to the individual icons used in your app.
Interactive Maps
MobilePD Engage includes several interactive mapping features. Our Crime Mapping feature allows your community to view recent calls close to them. Sex Offenders provides important information about the location and risk level of nearby Sex Offenders, and our Neighborhood Officer map allows your community to connect directly with their beat officer.
One-stop-shop for all of your public safety services
Your mobile app will be a one-stop-shop for all of your important public safety services. Your community won't have to look any further than your mobile app to get the answer they are looking for, find important safety information, or educate themselves on how they can help co-produce public safety.
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Missing Persons
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Safety Tips
Coplogic Reports
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